10 Essential Gadgets and Accessories For Your RV

RV using a voltage booster at a campground

Get ready to take your RV adventure to the next level! Sure, traveling full-time in an RV can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its own set of unique challenges. That’s why having the right gadgets and accessories is crucial for making your trip comfortable and convenient. With so many products available on the market, it can be overwhelming to figure out which ones you actually need. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this article, we’re going to showcase 10 essential gadgets and accessories that will take your RV experience from ordinary to extraordinary. So get excited, buckle up, and let’s hit the road with these must-have items!

10 Must-Have Items For Your RV

  1. Garmin RV 890 GPS Navigator – This GPS navigator is specifically designed for use with RVs and motorhomes. It features a large, easy-to-read 8-inch display, voice-activated navigation, and custom routing based on your RV’s size and weight. It also includes a directory of RV parks and services, TripAdvisor ratings for points of interest, and live traffic updates.
  2. Progressive Industries SSP30X Surge Protector – This surge protector is designed to protect your RV’s electrical system from power surges and spikes. It features a rugged construction and a weather-resistant design, and it includes diagnostic LEDs to indicate wiring faults and protection status. The SSP30X is rated for 120V/30A service.
  3. Camco Olympian Grill – This portable grill is designed for use with propane gas and is ideal for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities. It features a quick-connect hose and valve, a cast iron smoker plate, and a compact design that makes it easy to transport and store.
  4. LevelMatePRO Wireless Vehicle Leveling System – This leveling system is designed to help you level your RV or motorhome quickly and easily. It uses wireless sensors to measure the angle of your vehicle and provides visual and audible feedback to guide you in leveling. It also includes a mobile app that allows you to monitor your leveling progress from your smartphone or tablet.
  5. BAL R.V. Products Group 28014 X-Chock Tire Locking Chock – This tire locking chock is designed to prevent your RV or trailer from rolling or shifting while parked. It fits between tandem tires and applies pressure to both tires to create a stabilizing force. The X-Chock is made of lightweight aluminum and is easy to install and remove.
  6. Hughes Autoformer RV220-50SP Voltage Booster – This voltage booster is designed to improve the performance of your RV’s electrical system by boosting the voltage to a safe and stable level. It is rated for 50A service and includes a surge protector to protect against power surges and spikes. The RV220-50SP is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport and store.
  7. Camco Portable Propane Campfire – This portable campfire is designed for use with propane gas and is ideal for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor activities. It features a realistic flame pattern and a compact design that makes it easy to transport and store. The campfire includes a regulator and hose for easy setup and use.
  8. Winegard ConnecT 2.0 4G2 (WF2-435) – This RV internet antenna is designed to provide a fast and reliable internet connection on the road. It uses 4G LTE and WiFi signals to connect to the internet and includes a built-in router and antenna for maximum range and performance. The ConnecT 2.0 4G2 is easy to install and includes a mobile app for remote management.
  9. Maxxair 00-06200K MaxxFan Ventilation Fan – This fan is designed to provide powerful ventilation for your RV and features a built-in thermostat and automatic dome lid that can be opened and closed with a remote control. It is also easy to install and comes with a two-year limited warranty.
  10. Camco Portable Toilet – This toilet is designed for camping and other outdoor activities and features a 5.3-gallon detachable holding tank and a freshwater tank that can hold up to 2.5 gallons. It is also lightweight and easy to transport and comes with a sealing slide valve to prevent leaks and odors.
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